Focus & Inspiration


To align your image and identity with the essence of who you are giving you the edge in how you present and what you represent.


At the heart of our philosophy on image is confidence and leaving a lasting impression and it’s the following values that EGAMI espouses through our consulting:

  • Be memorable
  • Be authentic
  • Have courage
  • Be consistent
  • Elegance = Style


“Image and style is not just a look; it’s an expression, an understanding, a knowing… a science” – Natasha Di Ciano

You only have a few seconds of opportunity to project a positive image. At EGAMI we have modelled the essence of relationships and explored the deeper psychology of perception and its relevance in business and personal relationships.

Let’s take a look at image through the eyes of science.

The Ancients long believed that beauty was in the eye of the beholder, and though beauty varies from person to person, underneath that is a science of symmetry and proportion. Image and style is not only about colours, textures, shape and style, it’s a science so rich that its tapestry of sight, touch, feel, taste and smell is a complex chemistry of scientific study. A great deal of it is intuition; however we want to know how this chemistry works.


In cracking the code of style and elegance, we believe there is a true philosophy for unlocking the secrets of an individual’s power. We at EGAMI STYLE sense that an individual’s unrealised potential is in the rich tapestry of their entire holistic approach.