Define & Design You – Miss Universe 2011 WA

Having been a sponsor of the Miss Universe WA Competition for two years EGAMI has had the pleasure of working with a number of intelligent and driven young women who have utilised the competition as a platform for their career. In particular WA’s top six finalists are given the opportunity to undergo personalised one-on-one coaching with EGAMI. By helping each contestant understand and define what it is they want to achieve, EGAMI is able to work with them to design an image which supports their goals.

Through their grooming and training with EGAMI the young women are able to create a strong personal brand which firstly ensures they are remembered for their positive presence both on and off the stage and secondly positions them as the perfect ambassador of Australia in the international Miss Universe competition. EGAMI wishes WA’s contestants the best of luck for the National Grand Final being held in July!


“EGAMI was great! By understanding myself and what my personality /psychology was about I can now further my success.”
Scherri-Lee Biggs, Miss Universe Australia 2011

“I thoroughly enjoyed all aspects covered in my workshop with EGAMI and feel that it was extremely helpful. Not only did it help with my preparation for the Miss Universe Australia 2011 competition, but it will also benefit and help me in other aspects of my life such as job interviews, my future career, and general self presentation and confidence! I would recommend this to anyone who is wanting to gain some more confidence with their self-image and identity.”
Ashlea Ingham, Miss Universe WA State Finalist 2011

“I definitely feel that EGAMI allowed me to realise that I have a lot of positives that I should be expressing through my image.”
Samara Tugwell, Miss Universe WA State Finalist 2011

“I would highly recommend EGAMI to anyone wanting to further their career or improve their personal style.”
Alana Wilkie, Miss Universe WA State Finalist 2011

“I can’t believe how much it helped in such a small slot of time.”
Alycia Altieri, Miss Universe WA State Finalist 2011

“EGAMI has changed my way of thinking and allowed me to think about myself and the way I want to come across as a package. Thank you so much!”
Jordi Levin, Miss Universe WA State Finalist 2011