Designing Image for Success – EGAMI Presents a Brand New You

Designing Image for Success
Maximising the first impression with a sharp and polished image that you are positively remembered for is a strategy that will bring you success in your professional career and personal life. As a specialist in achieving this, EGAMI hosted a public workshop that demonstrated how to do just that. The inaugural event brought together EGAMI’s in-house consultants and a guest presenter from Emporio Armani to present on career and personal branding, colour psychology, hair, makeup and wardrobe styling. Following EGAMI’s unique rotating workshop model, guests were encouraged to interact with each of the consultants to receive personalised advice and practical tips to start designing their own image for success- a unique personal brand that is in line with their goals and projects their personality, capabilities and desired perceptions.[flagallery gid=17 name=””]Feedback

Thoroughly enjoyed. Will walk away inspired and feeling confident to take the next step in my career and life!

Thoroughly enjoyed the evening. I liked the personal touch and interaction.

Great! A fantastic and informative evening.

Informative, fun, enjoyable.

Fantastic. I know understand how important it is to make the time to create your best impression.

It was fantastic! Learnt a lot.

A good taste of what a more in depth program could offer.

Loved it!

The Event

What if you could put a career advancement coach, grooming specialists, styling professional and wellbeing expert all in the same room, at the same time for your counsel? The answer is simple. You could design an image for success that would position you at the forefront of your career.

Designing Image for Success is a professional development workshop with a difference that brings together EGAMI’s team of experts to guide you through practical demonstrations of how to apply the principles of image and style to develop your personal brand. Set in a relaxed and luxurious environment with like-minded professionals, the intimate workshop offers a personalised experience for all attending, putting focus on empowering you with the knowledge you need to sell yourself in your career while having the confidence to project your own individuality and style. EGAMI Presenters also bring you the latest tips on how to incorporate the new season trends while maintaining a timeless style unique to you.