Impact & Professional Development – KPMG

EGAMI - Event
EGAMI was invited to conduct a special presentation on Image and Professional Impact to the dedicated Personal Assistant’s to the Partners of KPMG. Attendees learnt that as representatives of the KPMG brand, their image as well as their behaviour, plays an integral part in visually demonstrating the values of the company as well as their own personal beliefs and capabilities.

They were encouraged to strategically use elements such as wardrobe and styling to reflect these traits. EGAMI shared their tips and knowledge for effectively using colour, style and fabric as tools for communication.
The team walked away with an understanding of the benefits of investing in their professional image and how creating a strong visual message will empower them with the confidence to influence perceptions and fast track their success.


“I’ve always felt that feeling good goes hand in hand with looking good, making that extra effort to feel good about yourself can be the difference between feeling confident, smart and ready to go. An afternoon listening to the fabulous Natasha and Natalie of EGAMI at the professional development workshop, I was inspired to enhance my personal style and have a little bit of fun along the way. Thank you EGAMI for providing an insightful and enlightening experience – I can’t wait to put my new found knowledge into practice.”

Alexis Babos, Executive Assistant to the Chairman, KPMG