Impressions & Presence | Miss Universe WA 2012


Our annual participation as a sponsor of the Miss Universe WA Preliminary offers an exciting and innovative avenue for working with young women who are on a journey of personal development and growth. The WA program is highly coveted as it takes a holistic approach to developing the girls, and one we are proud to be a part of. It is our focus to assist the girls with identifying their unique personal brand and projecting it in a way that will shine both on and off the stage. By doing this, they will increase their ability to succeed in the competition and to achieve their career ambitions.

Our Impressions & Presence workshop for the Top 24 acted as the foundation for this, inspiring each girl to delve into who she is as a person, what her strengths are and what she has to offer. Building confidence from within is the key to projecting a natural and authentic image which has presence. This plays quite a large role in making a ‘WOW’ impression on stage, as does an understanding of the expectations of the competition and the judges, as well as the structure behind delivering a winning answer. We can’t wait to see how they’ve taken our tips on board at the State Final on April 14th 2012!


“So helpful! Loved learning about all the different areas and aspects of presenting yourself. It will be very beneficial for this competition and also for the rest of my life.”

“Amazing. I feel like I have to worry less about the question that is going to be asked and more on the person I am.”

“ Very useful. Great tips!”

“The workshop was a wonderful opportunity to think more about how I want to present my image and achieve a ‘WOW’ impression. The venue and format of the evening was wonderful. All together a very helpful workshop.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop and got a lot out of it. It was a great chance to interact with the girls and also to address my strengths and weaknesses.”

“It was very insightful and encouraging. I think that this workshop is beneficial to everybody, at all stages of their personal and professional lives.”

“Incredibly helpful and assuring.”

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