The Language and Uniform of the Sexes


Enhancing Communication in the Workplace: The Language and Uniform of the Sexes

Aiming to decipher the age old mystery in the language and uniform of the sexes, this event explored the key differences in how men and women choose to communicate both verbally and non-verbally, how they dress and the image they portray. While men typically appear to naturally exude more confidence and be more assertive in their style, women tend to engage with others in a more gentle approach, influencing through communication, compassion and relationships. Participants in the event learnt how the inherent differences empower more effective professional relationships and a more inspiring and fulfilling career.

Look out for this next event to be held later this year.


“Great topic and much material to draw upon in history, psychology, media and audience experience (personal relationships and workplace)”

“Well delivered and structured”

“Good reminder of general gender communication styles and how to tailor your communication, body language, message, image etc accordingly”.

“How to be aware of what you are conveying and also what message the other party is imparting and whether congruence or not and if not be aware of and how to potentially manage”

“Great event and networking”

The Event

Discover top tips most people just don’t know; then achieve greater success and personal rewards when you use them.

Discover the ‘language of the sexes’.

Natasha Di Ciano of EGAMI STYLE and strategic partner Jaine  Edge invite you to an event with a difference. They combine their experience and expert advice in leadership, career coaching and image psychology and discuss the science behind personal image.

They’ll provide tools to decipher ‘the language of the sexes’. By understanding, you can create more effective professional relationships, an enhanced culture, a more inspiring career and fulfilled personal life.

Jaine and Natasha both have executive careers in, and consulting to, SMEs and global blue-chip companies.

This fun and informative evening will enable you to network with both sexes and share experience with other professionals.

Attendance is guaranteed to leave you empowered with knowledge to create a new and bolder perspective as we help you:

  • project the right image and understand your personal ‘brand’;
  • understand how to influence through the psychology of colour, dress and action;
  • learn about the benefits and pitfalls of verbal communication and body language;
  • receive tips, tools and inspiration to become more persuasive and successful.
Event Details:

Where: EGAMI STYLE Premises located at Studio 2/82 King St, Perth

When: Thursday 4th February, 2010

Details: Workshop style seminar with canapés and wine

Time: 6pm – 9pm

Investment: $149

With limited seats, we encourage you to secure your place no later than Thursday 21st January, 2010