Traits of an Entrepreneur – Curtin Business School Pro Vice Chancellors Chapter

EGAMI Founder Natasha Di Ciano was invited to share her story with a selection of high achieving individuals that form the Pro Vice Chancellors Chapter of Curtin Business School. Having started her first business while studying at Curtin University, Natasha was able to share first hand where her passion for business and all things entrepreneurial started to flourish.

With many like-minded students in the room, Natasha identified the traits that she believes are naturally embodied by all entrepreneurs. The ability to communicate effectively both verbally and non-verbally through your image is certainly a trait that cannot go unnoticed. In fact, it was the importance that image plays is business nowadays that was the catalyst behind EGAMI. Inspiring the students to identify a gap in the market for a product or service which they believe they can deliver was the core message presented by a woman that is currently at the head of professional image consultancy EGAMI, executive recruitment company EGAMI TALENT and fundraising project Dine for Life, and despite all this, has additional business ventures on the horizon.

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Image supplied by Curtin Business School Pro-Vice Chancellor Chapter


“I found listening to you extremely motivational and learnt a lot from what you had to say”Anika Gunawardene

“It was such a pleasure to meet you last night, your passion and drive are qualities I really admire as they help to spur on my own! I know it meant a lot to the students (myself included) that you gave of your personal time to educate & inspire”Nadia Cassidy

“Natasha equips students with the skills they need to make a powerful impression and to stand out from the crowd. She provides students not only with a competitive advantage in the recruitment market, but is also a wonderful role model for young people who wish to succeed in business”Glen Hutchings, Head of Development External Relations, CBS, Curtin University of Technology