People Brand Engagement – Advanced Well Technologies

EGAMI - Event
People Brand Engagement Workshop for a leading oil & gas engineering services firm following a recent merger through acquisition of another group and the requirement to transition the acquired company’s brand. The workshop focused on team branding and the importance of maintaining a personal image that is aligned with the company ‘s message and industry, while also being reflective of each person’s individuality.The team gained an insight into how an individual’s unique style and professional image can make an impact on others they meet, regardless of whether they intend it to or not. That impact happens on multiple levels; consciously and sub-consciously and leaves an enduring impression. The greater the confidence an individual or collective culture projects the more positive that impact will be.By exhibiting confidence and maintaining a professional image, a powerful impression can be created, which leads to greater success in engaging clients, establishing long term relationships and closing business deals.


Advanced Well Technologies As manager of an engineering services company, what has convinced me of the importance of personal and professional branding is the science and research behind image, so well articulated by Ms Di Ciano in her own branding and that of EGAMI. The core messages underpinning the EGAMI brand – authenticity, consistency, courage and style – are critical to any successful business operating in a competitive market place. What provides differentiation from others is how well you can present your own unique brand through your corporate image. EGAMI provides a unique service which our company and our people will continue to access as we evolve our own unique branding.Cameron Manifold, Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Well Technologies