Personal Brand & Image Workshop – Women Lawyers of Western Australia


With research showing an increase of over 450% of women in law in Australia over the past 20 years (making it almost equal to the proportion of men) and a spotlight on female career advancement, this is the perfect time for women to succeed in the industry. Women who present a powerful personal brand, which encapsulates and projects their skills and capability, offer a strong value proposition to the companies they work for.

EGAMI was invited by the Women Lawyers of Western Australia to host a workshop for a targeted audience of their members who are young female lawyers to further develop their value proposition. In the workshop, EGAMI introduced them to and built awareness around the concepts behind image and personal branding, so that they could begin implementing the strategies which would result in increased visibility and enhanced reputation.


“This was a great workshop that brought some really interesting considerations to the forefront of my mind. I will definitely be trying to put some of the strategies discussed for visibility and reputation into practice.”

“Well-planned and applicable, and very realistic.”

“Engaging, hands on and informative.”

“Very thought provoking; focuses the mind on the importance of perception and the simple things you can do to improve it.”