Perth College Makes a Powerful Impression

Style and Confidence
Perth CollegeFoundation Workshop

The Powerful Impressions program is set to take Perth by storm and we were thrilled to see the enthusiasm of Perth College in being the first school on board to take up the program. Having held the Foundation Workshop on July 25th 2011, it was pleasing to see the enthusiasm was matched by the college’s students. During the class, the girls were intently engaged as they learnt lifelong skills that would complement all of the academic knowledge they have acquired at school. With a college motto of ‘Remarkable Women’, this small selection of students showed just that; young women who were keen to understand what it takes to be remarkable in all ways, including through the image they project.


“I thought the workshop was very interesting and informative and covered many things that I did not know previously. It made me realise just how important image is whether for personal, professional or business.”

“Really enjoyable. It focused on things that I wasn’t aware of or fully understood and things that you don’t learn in the standard classroom.”

“It was interesting to find out that only little things about your appearance and actions can have a huge influence on how other people view you.”

“I thought it was very informative. It made me aware of some things about image that I do subconsciously and helped me with an idea of the kind of clothing I should wear for my figure to look professional.”

“I think that it was really good because it was interactive as well as theory. It was easy to understand and was interesting because image is a lot more than just what you wear.”

“I think that it was really helpful and informative on what employers think and see when they first meet someone applying for a job. This workshop was simple but focused on the small things which make a big impact.”

Intermediate Workshop

The eagerly anticipated Intermediate Workshop held on August 26th 2011 was a massive success with students participating in hands on demonstrations, role plays, personal reflection and practical activities. EGAMI educated the students on the professional standards that are expected in the workplace and well respected when adhered to. Through an understanding of the basic principles for presenting yourself appropriately, the students walked away feeling confident with their ability to do so while still projecting an element of their individuality and personal style. Minimal makeup, respectful clothing, neat and tidy hair, communicating through colour and making the best first impression with your resume were some of the topics covered in the workshop.


“I really enjoyed the workshop and learnt valuable tips that I will use in the future. I liked the interactive activities and hands on approach which has taught me a lot.”

“It was really interesting to learn more about things we wouldn’t necessarily be taught otherwise.”

“It was great! I learnt so much about what to wear to job interviews and what sort of makeup is appropriate. I also thought learning how to do a CV was really helpful.”

“I thought it was very valuable and I enjoyed it. All of the stations were specific and practical and had good advice for your image. I especially liked how EGAMI encouraged us to create individual style while still being appropriate for the workplace.”

“Today’s workshop was very hands on. I enjoyed it because we learnt things that we could relate to and that we can actually achieve or do.”

“Very informative and helpful. The demonstrations and role plays were very engaging. They enabled me to express my understanding of the ideas presented as well as relate the information to myself.”

“It was really interesting to learn how quick and easy it can be to create a simple but professional look.”

“I thought it was really good. Working in smaller groups felt more personal and it really focused on some of the key elements to be aware of in the workplace.”

Advanced Workshop

The Advanced Workshop, held on October 17th 2011, expanded on the finer details of communicating, conducting and presenting yourself in the workplace so that you have influence and can build rapport. By understanding the non-verbal language clues of others and applying helpful techniques the students learnt how to build a positive relationship with their future employer, colleagues and clients. Providing the finishing touch to their image was a practical lesson in fine dining at a premiere Perth Restaurant, teachings in business etiquette and protocol as well as tips for reputation management and enhancement. Upon completion of the program each student will receive their certificate of Powerful Impressions from the EGAMI INSTITUTE, giving them the competitive edge when entering the working world after school. This is not to mention the lifelong skills they have acquired over the course of the program.


“Very informative and helpful. The concepts that we learnt about were general and can be applied to any occupation or event.”

“It was easy to follow because we were given booklets with information and we played games which helped us learn new skills which made the information easier to comprehend.”

“I enjoyed this workshop as it explained everything we’ve previously learnt in more detail. I specifically enjoyed the dining etiquette, business etiquette and protocol.”

“I think it gave me good and vital knowledge that will allow me to achieve my goals easier, in particular, within a work environment.”

“I enjoyed the fine dining lunch. It was a good experience to try different foods and to socialise with others while still keeping in mind the idea of image and business.”

“It was very interesting, fun and entertaining. My favourite part was going to the restaurant and enjoying a real life fine dining experience.”

“Thank you for the opportunity to complete these workshops.”