Powerful Impressions Workshop – An Exclusive Preview

EGAMI invited a number of student representatives from WA’s education institutions to participate in an exclusive preview of the Powerful Impressions program. The aim of the workshop was to see the impact of the program on those it is designed to assist; soon-to-be-graduates. Conducted over the course of one day, the participants were introduced to the core components of image and how they interrelate to create a professional image and a powerful impression. The attendees walked away with a number of key learnings, including:

  • Understanding your own values and how to accept and relate to others with proper etiquette
  • Understanding how to create a positive and powerful first impression
  • Understanding the elements of image that are key to your success
  • Understanding how colour and clothing communicates
  • Knowing how to self-package your best attributes and key strengths through your image
  • Understanding how to approach and handle meetings and interview situations
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“This workshop allowed me to broaden my perceptions of image and style, and what they can convey in a workplace environment. I feel that I now have the necessary tools to confidently approach interviews and successfully transition from university into the workplace environment.”

“There is a definite gap in the education system for this – it is often assumed that people just acquire these skills.”

The Powerful Impressions workshop enhanced my awareness of my appearance and how important it is within a working environment. I now understand the correlation between image and success, which is something I never gave much thought to. The presenters were very engaging, knowledgeable and professional.”

“Powerful Impressions is very valuable. I love the way it really makes you go home and think, ‘who do I really want to be’, it also gives you a taste of the secrets/principles of success.”

“The areas covered by Powerful Impressions are not only practical (and in many ways essential) but they build self-awareness, perception and therefore confidence.”

“I loved the experience and the message behind the program. I found it uplifting, empowering and invigorating. The presenters were wonderful – supportive, engaging and enthusiastic about their work.”

This needs to be introduced into high schools. I wish I knew this five years ago.”

“I thought the workshop was really informative and I gained skills for following dress codes and presenting myself well in an interview situation.”