Presence & Impressions – Miss Universe 2011 WA

EGAMI’s passion for empowering young people with knowledge and skills for enhancing their career opportunities is perfectly reflected in its relationship with the Miss Universe WA Competition. As a sponsor of the competition for the past two years,  EGAMI plays an active role in providing feedback for the participants during the preliminary heats and then by hosting a workshop for the top 24 contestants. The final six contestants selected to represent WA in the Australian final are given the opportunity to have advanced personal coaching with EGAMI.

In preparation for the 2011 State Final on March 17th, EGAMI presented a two hour workshop on Presence & Impressions – two components of image which are essential both on and off the stage.  A key message from the evening was that by truly understanding who you are and owning your image, you will project the confident, natural and authentic persona which appeals to the judges, the audience and those you interact with leaving a positive impression.  This was combined with other key elements of image such as body language, speech, reputation management, appearance and of course tips for delivering a winning answer.

As was also discussed “relationships are the foundation of success” and what a great opportunity to build key networks, a public profile and enhance reputation. This competition does provide a platform for young people to launch a career in their chosen field and to develop the people and communication skills to deal with a wide audience.

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Photos by John Koh


“I would without doubt recommend this to anyone taking part in Miss Universe. It’s necessary in shaping you to become a success.”

“A worthwhile workshop! Particularly enjoyed discovering ways to engage and relate to different people’s personalities.”

“Fantastic, I can tell there was great research behind the scenes to produce such a fulfilling workshop.”

“ I enjoyed the workshop a lot and learnt many new concepts that I can work on for the competition.”

“ A great way to boost your confidence and give you a step forward towards your goals.”

“ This has given me the information and tools to go into the competition with confidence.”

“ EGAMI presented a fantastic workshop that was 100% useful for the Miss Universe competition and for everyday life situations.”

“ Thank you for a great session! It’s helped me with my preparation for the State Final. I will be taking everything on board.”

“ Please keep doing the workshops as they really help build confidence and awareness about topics that are crucial to the competition.’

“ EGAMI really helped me understand my perceptions of myself and how I can portray myself the way I want others to see me.”

“ Natasha was very knowledgeable and educated on what she presented. She provided me with so many ways to improve myself, my image and my perceptions. I thoroughly enjoyed the workshop.”

“ EGAMI really helps you focus on the person you want to be. I learnt so much today and will carry it through my entire Miss Universe experience.”

“The EGAMI workshop was extremely helpful! It made me think about myself beyond the competition. Specifically who I am and how I will show this to others.”

“ Insightful, enticing, extraordinary! Opened my eyes beyond how I normally see my everyday life. Tomorrow, I will be that little bit wiser.”