The Power of Presence – BHP Billiton Iron Ore

EGAMI - Event
Currently recognised as a team with an amazing work culture, BHP Billiton Iron Ore’s Resourcing Team was keen to learn how to maximise their professional impact through their presence. A positive presence can play a powerful role in your ability to influence others and in turn your own success and that of your team’s. Your presence is what others will remember you by, so it is important to consider each influencing factor in this. The Power of Presence workshop did exactly that; highlighting five focus areas for creating presence. Once learning how to create presence, the group began to collectively design their ‘team brand’ by considering how they want to be perceived and consequently remembered.


“Great. Covered areas that I wouldn’t normally think about. I didn’t realise presence would have any effect on my career success.”

“Very informative. Good level of interaction to keep everyone interested.”

“Learnt a lot and got me thinking in a way I haven’t considered before.”

“Very interesting, uplifting, entertaining.”