Major Retail Group – Executive Recruitment and Brand Ambassador

Business Challenge
This global retail group first tasked us with the challenge of recruiting the business critical role of Supply Chain Manager. The local organisation had very specific requirements surrounding cultural fit, the impact of this recruitment being on the entire business operation, customer engagement, people leadership and financial management. The recruitment landscape had changed significantly over time in the war for talent and the organisation was finding the market tough in selecting executives who had the relevant skills, demonstrated the right traits and behaviours and who understood a major multi-location retail operation. Retail was also particularly challenged by the resources boom at the time which had a major impact on salaries and the availability of quality candidates.

Some time was invested in a strong brief with a focus on the organisation’s culture, the nature of their business and where they were positioning themselves for the future, particularly with a new store opening in Perth and other markets. We developed a marketing document that became the focus for all future assignments, embedding in the recruitment process a clear understanding of the key targeted attributes of a candidate that would ensure cultural alignment to the company’s brand, values and culture.

We provided a breadth of services and capability proving effective in the selection of the right candidate. A co-branded advertising exercise together with a broader candidate sourcing strategy, including search based methodologies, resulted in more successful outcomes for the client. Unpinning this process has been the use of tools including behavioural based interviewing and psychometric assessments designed to assist in development of retention strategies.

What began as one recruitment exercise was then extended to multiple positions with nine roles successfully secured. These included functional heads across supply chain, marketing, sales and human resources. Having now developed a strong understanding of our client’s requirements and what they look for in selecting the right fit, we have been successful in conveying the meaning of the organisation’s values and the nature of the business in the selection process, becoming an “ambassador of the organisation’s brand” in the employment market. This outcome has the capacity to substantially enhance the domestic organisation and deliver their growth strategy.