RAC-logo-150x150 “My time with EGAMI has been one of growth and reflection. I made the decision to change industries to learn something new about another high profile and well established business. EGAMI encouraged this exploration and my personal growth by giving me the confidence to be the best person I can be and guide me to express my personality using my expertise and presentation. They say first impressions are everything – my role requires me to liaise with Board Executives and key people in the organisations I interact with and work for. In my 20 years experience within the Mining and Oil and Gas industries, I hadn’t learnt how to express my inner qualities the way in which this coaching of image expression and enhancement has. The program has allowed me to be a better person, not only on the inside but more importantly on the outside to ensure that people want to interact with me and discuss the strategic challenges and opportunities that I can support them with. I feel this sort of training in confidence and self expression is essential for all companies and executives.” Flora-Maree Furness, EGM People Strategy, Royal Automotive Club of WA
Newmont Asia Pacific “My career has evolved over the years but with little real planning or strategy on my part. I was looking to take the next step in my career and working with EGAMI has helped me achieve clarity around what I want to do. I now have a professional profile, an understanding of the importance of developing my personal brand and the direction to achieve my career goals. Thanks Natasha!” Dellas Lynch, Regional Implementation Manager, Newmont Asia Pacific
 Crescent Gold Limited “My time working with Natasha and her team at EGAMI has focused and helped develop the professional image I want to portray. It has taught me to balance my femininity and sense of fashion, with a professional edge to enhance my visibility. Thanks to EGAMI I have developed much more confidence in selecting the right clothing for the image I want to portray in each professional situation. During my time with EGAMI I was also able to achieve the next promotion I had been seeking, and Natasha helped to develop the confidence I was ready, and to guide me through the process.” Kirsty Liddicoat, Senior Mine Planning Engineer, Crescent Gold Limited
King & Wood Mallesons Logo “My experience with Natasha Di Ciano of EGAMI proved to be highly beneficial for my career. Our work together went beyond style: I have learned to take control of my career path, believe in my abilities and value my experience, network effectively and so much more.” Sara Zahedi, Solicitor, King & Wood Mallesons
“EGAMI transformed a senior leader in our organisation into an exceptional leader with impact and presence. The work EGAMI did was extraordinary and transformational. We found EGAMI’s approach to be professional and warm. EGAMI is able to take a difficult topic and discuss it in such a way that gets everyone excited and onboard. We would recommend EGAMI to work with your senior leaders in the area of personal impact and professional presentation.” Priscilla Sanders, People & Development Client Services Manager, Allens

“I was looking for (and found!) help in identifying the ‘image’ which can take me to the next phase in my career. Unexpectedly, I also found the process helpful in crystallising my career goals in my own mind and the steps I need to take to achieve them.”

Alison Baxter, Senior Associate, Allens

Screen shot 2011-05-03 at 6.33.03 PM “EGAMI has been very professional, resourceful and helpful in their assistance to executive image development and one that our company will be continuing with .” Paul Burton, Managing Director, TNG Ltd
egami-logo-bullet-75x75 “The 6 session program with EGAMI provides much more value than engaging a stylist for half a day or a full day. The sessions in which EGAMI initially spent to get to know me, my personality, working environment and life style definitely helped to develop the right image. Through the process I also developed a better appreciation for fashion and colour psychology, and how this can be used to project a more professional and confident image. Overall a modern stylish wardrobe was created with a classic undertone so that the look will stay fashionable through seasonal influences.” Male Client, National Business Manager, Leading Logistics Group
Offshore Marine Services Logo “EGAMI is a vision Perth needed; it’s the next investment people should make in becoming the best version of themselves. I walked away with a new found confidence and inspired action to reach my career and personal goals. EGAMI helped me reflect on myself and what I represent as a person and an employee. I am forever grateful and will be recommending this service not only to adults in the business world but to young up and coming adults.” Hayley Parker, Operations Administrator, Offshore Marine Services
Curtin University Logo “It was my need to fit in, my lack of networking skills, and my absolute inept ability to find the right way to make an impression that made me seek out EGAMI. EGAMI is a company that knows my world, and understands that I have to be better than the boys so I can get my career in the right direction from the beginning. Knowing how to develop individuals to meet the clients needs, is what EGAMI is about. Women are still getting paid less than men, yet the latest research demonstrates we are more highly qualified. We need to be able to assert equality ourselves and EGAMI’s aim for women is to do just that. That is why I needed EGAMI and I am half way there. Thank you.” Naomi Nation, Honors Student, Curtin University
KPMG “I’ve always felt that feeling good goes hand in hand with looking good, making that extra effort to feel good about yourself can be the difference between feeling confident, smart and ready to go. An afternoon listening to the fabulous Natasha and Natalie of EGAMI at the professional development workshop, I was inspired to enhance my personal style and have a little bit of fun along the way. Thank you EGAMI for providing an insightful and enlightening experience – I can’t wait to put my new found knowledge into practice.” Alexis Babos, Executive Assistant to the Chairman, KPMG
hobbs “Thanks to Natasha and her wonderful team at EGAMI, I have a fantastic new hobby – namely, continued development of my personal and professional image after completing an image course with Natasha. I have a strong tendency to be overly (and quite boringly) practical so completing the course felt wonderfully indulgent however it was really so much more than that. I have a far greater appreciation of the power of first appearances than ever before; I feel more confident and comfortable with style decisions; and of particular importance to me, Natasha encouraged me to consider my career/life balance in a new and positive light. In essence, EGAMI taught me, in an incredibly fun way to value myself. Thanks to that I feel better about myself than I have in years!” Michelle Lemberg Smith, Financial Controller, Picnic Hobbs Fruitta
“EGAMI adds great value to their clients’ business operations through the provision of consultative advice and creative solutions around problems relating to organisational structure, employee branding and the attraction of talented senior managers and executives. They are renowned for providing a highly attentive client service and delivering on their promise. I always found EGAMI to have the highest integrity and business focus which they apply consistently to the problems they face. I would highly recommend EGAMI to any organisation needing assistance in its business structure, branding or market image areas, or the identification and attraction of talented professionals in the market.” Ray Hince, Head of Resourcing, BHP Billiton Iron-Ore

AWT logo

“I have known EGAMI’s Managing Director, Natasha Di Ciano for well over six years and have followed the evolution of EGAMI from concept to reality over that time. As manager of an engineering services company, what has convinced me of the importance of personal and professional branding is the science and research behind image, so well articulated by Ms Di Ciano in her own branding and that of EGAMI. The core messages underpinning the EGAMI brand – authenticity, consistency, courage and style – are critical to any successful business operating in a competitive market place. What provides differentiation from others is how well you can present your own unique brand through your corporate image. EGAMI provides a unique service which our company and our people will continue to access as we evolve our own unique branding.” Cameron Manifold, Chief Executive Officer, Advanced Well Technologies
NAB_Logo “Thanks to the team at EGAMI for a great session. It was great to hear some tips on image in a very interactive and informative way. Both Natasha and Natalie presented really well and are a walking, talking example of the style.” Sara Chillemi , People & Culture Business Partner, NationAustralia Bank
Jainedge “Natasha Di Ciano of EGAMI is a business focused professional with many strings to her bow. With the highest integrity, a wide range of business skills, EGAMI are passionate and engaging with a desire to achieve the right result; whether working for clients, candidates in a recruitment process or in image gap consulting. On a personal note, not only does Managing Director, Natasha Di Ciano, have bags of style, I very much enjoy working with her. She has always been very supportive of me as an individual and of my Company.” Jaine Edge, Group HR Manager, Global Retail Group


I worked with Natasha Di Ciano from EGAMI on the re-branding of a mutual client. Her knowledge and experience of in-depth branding and image consulting is exceptional. She has comprehensive strategic and communication skills and in my opinion is a leader in her field.Paul Bailey, Director, Egg Design
landscape systems Natasha Di Ciano is EGAMI. Her integrity and business insight combined with her own personal style is evidence of what EGAMI offers. While hitting crossroads in my own career, Natasha and her team have assisted me with my own business and personal branding, in particular the power of colour, not just to wear but to project meaning. I have really enjoyed the process of “image conversations” and useful manageable ways to improve my personal image and brand. I might have to go back for some more!Jane Le Grove, Managing Director, Landscape Systems
Luminary-logo “EGAMI is a highly regarded organisation whose professionalism and dedication are seen through the quality of the work they deliver. I would not hesitate in recommending them as a Management Consultancy to anyone with complex strategic human capital issues to work through and who require image and people branding strategies.” Nick Chandler, Partner, Luminary Search (Luminary Search is the Executive Search Division of the Chandler Macleod Ltd Group)
f_mlc “Working with EGAMI allowed me the time to think about who I was, how I presented myself and what other people would see in me.” Joanne Ayrey, Practice Development Manager, MLC Advice Solutions
govt-of-west-australia-companynews For me, Natasha reinforced concepts about personal power and charisma which helped me shine during a period when I had several professional & personal milestones and events and needed a boost. I have come out of my tailor made short-programme feeling more sophisticated but still low maintenance and most importantly, still authentic. Alex Atkins, Senior Mining Engineer/ Special Inspector of Mines

Ready to Work is very appreciative of the support from EGAMI, a professional image management firm. EGAMI appreciates just how important first impressions are in creating career opportunities. Whether you are from a disadvantaged or professional background, acquiring coaching and styling techniques to build self confidence is a unique and important experience. Ready to Work is thrilled to be involved with EGAMI and we look forward to future partnering events. Rachael Hain, Founding Director, Ready to Work
egami-logo-bullet-75x75 Personally, the whole experience with EGAMI has been an eye opener for me, not so much on style but how to be stylish and to further make a statement with the image you “wear” literally. That statement can be as strong and bold as the objective that you initially define. It is a process that calls you to dig deep but you are all the better for it when you come out the other end looking and feeling fantastic! Thilaga Thangaveloo, Senior Business Analyst
egami-logo-bullet-75x75 I just wanted to say a huge thank you for what you have done for me over the last few weeks. I am really happy, actually ecstatic, with the result. You really understood me and have delivered an image that reflects that. I certainly couldn’t ask for a better service and package. Marika Lewis
WomenInMining-logo “From being a woman who thought she was unrehabilitatable from too many years in hard yakka overalls and steel caps to becoming a real woman who understands how to polish everything to highlight the brilliance that now matches the competence and character on the inside. Thanks for making me truly sparkle. This journey was more than I ever imagined” Kate Sommerville, Chamber of Minerals and Energy, Women in Resources Champion
ALGWA “About 10 years ago I visited a service that taught me how about my style and image. All career women need to know this as my confidence soared with the results. EGAMI has taken this concept much further expanding it to encompass an holistic approach to personal branding, which improves the perception of us that others form in the first three seconds of meeting. At EGAMI personal presentation is only one part of our personal brand development journey, EGAMI can teach us much more. A great presentation and a great night! Thank you, EGAMI.” Peta Kenworthy, Australian Local Government Women’s Association (WA Branch)
egami-logo-bullet-75x75 “I would like to thank and congratulate Natasha and her team for creating a truly unique experience. Natasha helped me implement changes in my image, which have been incremental in my personal and financial development.” Sabine Heaton, Property Developer
egami-logo-bullet-75x75 “I underwent an image program with EGAMI. There has been a considerable change in the way I feel as a result of undergoing the program. It was very enjoyable and most of all, I learnt a huge amount about how people perceive you and your personal image. I feel that EGAMI has a sophisticated edge and a forward thinking approach that could help many businesses and individuals that have lost their way a little!” Hannah Otter, Finance Consultant
egami-logo-bullet-75x75 “I had greatly underestimated the impact of my personal colour psychology and was limiting my options without even realising it. Not knowing how to apply it or even wear colour left me with a wardrobe of black, thinking it was the safest option at all times. I can now see the difference with the RIGHT colours brightening up my appearance instantly! Melanie Todoroff, Project Manager, Mining Services Industry
egami-logo-bullet-75x75 “I would like to thank you for your expert advice when we explored my individual style and characteristics a few weeks ago. Having now reached a more complete understanding of what works for me I have noticed a positive change in my day to day life. I look and feel more confident and I have no doubt that without your advice and clarification on my personal style and fashion I would be stuck in my old self and would be missing that greater sense of well being that I now have. Thanks again EGAMI.” Bernie Cooke, HR Manager, Transport & Logistics Industry
egami-logo-bullet-75x75 “Natasha Di Ciano of EGAMI seeks to add value to her clients by identifying opportunities for senior managers and executives looking to position themselves with both emerging and mature organisations. I have found that Natasha’s approach in combining the identification of talented professionals with consultative advice to promote employee branding and imaging, provides favourable outcomes to both the organisation and the individual. I believe Natasha’s professionalism, ability to assess opportunities, experience with prominent organisations over many years and a unique service offering, places EGAMI in an ideal position to add value to today’s organisations and business professionals.” Adrian Di Carlo, Company Secretary, Private Consulting Group
egami-logo-bullet-75x75 “In the years that I have known Natasha Di Ciano from EGAMI, I have always found her to be a “BIG PICTURE” person with amazing energy and very clear thinking skills. We have worked together on a range of diverse projects and I have always been impressed by her professionalism and abilities in sourcing talented professionals and advising on their professional positioning and image.”Chris Fairman, CFO, Management Consulting Group
egami-logo-bullet-75x75 “The impact of this styling on how other people view me has been surprising. I have more confidence with each day that the longer term benefits flowing from my new image will be lasting and positively assist me to reach my goals.” Richard Burden, Director, Management Consulting Group
egami-logo-bullet-75x75 “EGAMI has the natural capacity to assess and successfully place people and source talent while managing the inter-related criteria of capability, culture and development maximising the outcomes and opportunities to both the organisation and individuals. They have a unique ability to understand an organisation’s value proposition including branding, structure and operational style that must be matched for individuals to prosper and jointly achieve individual and company goals. They are truly professional in all their dealings liaising with executives of any organisation. I would recommend their assistance and services to companies seeking professional image advice/branding or talent consulting.” Bruce Arnold, Chief Financial Officer, Ticor Limited
egami-logo-bullet-75x75 “Before EGAMI almost all of my experiences with selecting attire ended in frustration and disappointment. Today, having been empowered with the knowledge and a better sense of style, I am building up a complete wardrobe which I can wear confidently to just about any occasion. I also have to get used to receiving compliments about my appearance which almost never happened before. Thanks again EGAMI, you have been excellent.” Tibor Kiss, Managing Director, Mortgage Industry
egami-logo-bullet-75x75 “Complete Transformation! How else can I describe my experience with EGAMI. From uncovering my true essential colours to walking me through the stores, EGAMI showed me the secret to looking my prime; it now has class and style. Please don’t underestimate the impact my new wardrobe has had on my confidence, self esteem and my career.” Let EGAMI show you what’s possible… I think you’ll be surprised.” Ken Roberts, Presenter, facilitator, speaker, Author of “Which Voice Do I Listen To”
egami-logo-bullet-75x75 “With the help of Natasha and her amazing team I now understand what image is and how I want to be perceived, how easy it is to select an appropriate style to show off my feminine side while still being suitable for the office environment. Now I feel confident knowing that with a small amount of effort the impact that this process has had not only affects my confidence, both inside and out, but it has had a positive impact in my work place and hopefully on my future career.” Erin, Mining Engineer, Resources Industry
egami-logo-bullet-75x75 “Thank you so much for your valuable and expert advice, it helped me enormously. I wish I had come to you earlier but then again it is never too late.” Athena, Sales Consultant, Educational Retail